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To calculate the approximate cost of your order, use calculator.

Our prices

  • The minimum amount of our fee from any order — 6.0 %, but at least $10.00
  • Parcel handling — $10.00
  • Advice and assistance — free
  • Warehousing — free
  • Combining parcels — free*
  • Opening dispute for the goods paid by us — free
  • Opening dispute for the goods sent by mail from us — free**

Additional services

  • Disassembling of guitars, if the model of the guitar allows (detachment of a signature stamp from a base) — $20.00***
  • Disassembling PCs into 2 parts, and sending it by 2 parcels — $40.00
  • Dividing oversized goods into two or three components (with permission of specification subjects) — $20.00


We do not always know and can track the weight and size of purchases. If you bought the item which according to its size exceeds the allowable size of EMS or Priority postal, then:

  • We can send this purchase with such services as UPS/FeDex at your expense
  • Try to bring it back (not guaranteed)
  • Try to sell it through our eBay account (the money is back to you after deducting all fees)
  • Leave your purchase for temporary storage in our warehouse until the first opportunities to transfer it to you by another delivery service (timing and amount is unknown and not guaranteed)

* Please do not overload your orders, because EMS and Priority have limitations on weight and size.
** If you have supporting documents about the loss or flawed premise and with your full cooperation.
*** Guitar hard case is not saved and not sent because of its size.