Buying How-To

This small section describes the actions necessary for buying with the

Register link


Before to start to use a site, it is necessary to be registered. An exception is the calculator for which registration is not required.

To start registration follow the link "Register". Next you will be asked to read the user agreement. If you accept it, confirm your intentions by pressing the corresponding button. After that you will be lead directly to the registration form.

Register form

Filling registration form

  • All fields, except for ICQ-number, are obligatory for filling.
  • The login should contain at least three characters and can consist of Latin letters, numbers, an underlining sign "_" and a dash "-". If the user with specified login already exists in system you receive the corresponding warning. In this case you should choose other login.
  • Your electronic address (e-mail) will be used for communication with you and also for sending of the automated site messages.
  • Password should be at least 6 characters long.

The personal data received at registration or in any other way, will not be transferred to the third organizations and persons, except for situations when it is required by the law or a judgement.

Balance and payments

Your balance is displayed in the top part of page after you will be authorized on a site. When it is positive (green), you can make purchases, otherwise (red) you can not (in this case it is necessary for you to repay a debt).

In order to make purchases it is necessary for you to increase your balance. There are several options of replenishment of account:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer to New York
  • Cash in Kiev or bank transfer in Ukraine
  • Cash in Moscow or WebMoney in Russia

Detailed info about each kind of payment is found in this section.

After acknowledgement of your payment your current balance will be increased by the confirmed amount.

New order

Creating orders

To create new order go to "My orders" section and press "Add". You will be presented with an empty order form. In the top part the total information on the order is displayed:

  • Number — order number.
  • Date — creation date.
  • Status — order status.
  • Order amount — all order details cost.
  • Fee — fee of
  • Other amount — additional expenses or discounts.
  • Total amount

Below order details are displayed. The order can contain details of two types:

  • Purchases from eBay.
  • Purchases from other online stores.

In order to add new detail press "Add". Order detail creation form will be displayed. In detail we will consider making of eBay purchase.

You can remove your orders using "Delete" button as long as its status is NEW.

New eBay detail

eBay order detail creation

For creation of a detail it is necessary for you to know eBay item number which can be found on eBay listing page. It is a numeric code which is located to the right of the item title.

  • After input of item number in "Item number" field all necessary fields (JavaScript should be turned on) will be filled with the data fetched eBay. Nevertheless, you have a possibility to correct them.
  • Check "Quantity" field contents (1 by default).
  • Choose "Buying type":

    • BID

    If you've chosen BID or BESTOFFER please specify the maximum amount which you are ready to pay for an item in the appeared field.