User agreement


If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement, please do not use our services. Our services are not available to minors (persons under 18 or persons under the age of majority in your country on a temporary or permanent residence), for those who have been denied earlier in our services or those representing an unacceptable level of credit risk. reserves the right to make changes to this agreement. In the case of changes in this agreement you will be notified about them. This agreement takes effect upon its adoption, i.e. your registration on the site.


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Services provides assistance with payment for your purchases in the shops and auctions. only acts as an intermediary between our client on the one hand and the seller on the other. carries the provision of data services through the Internet. not pay for goods that are prohibited for import or export in the country of your temporary or permanent residence. not pay for purchases of weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and narcotics. is not a credit institution. All calculations happen on your behalf if your account has sufficient funds to carry out this operation. All calculations made in U.S. dollars in the United States, and in the currency of your temporary or permanent residence.


www.leanaorders.comnot responsible for the services that are outside of,such as: mail, banking and other transfers. not responsible for the actions of the seller. We have no control over the production, quality, or services for which you are paying with our help. We cannot guarantee that the seller actually complete the transaction. If you have a claim to one or more users, you release and its employees from any claims and demands of any nature arising in connection with such disputes. The actions of all procedures, transactions, regulations, rules, contracts, licenses involved and necessary in the performance of the Agreement, must be complied with in accordance with applicable U.S. laws, as well as of your temporary or permanent residence. will not be liable in the event that you violate the rules or the law of your country or residence. In case of suspicion, if the complaint the buyer / seller reserves the right to block your account until the clarification of what you will be notified further. reserves the right to ask for confirmation of your address and name. All the information confirmation will be tested and destroyed. not transfer your personal data to other organizations.

Closing accounts

You can close your account at any time. By closing the account, all the current transaction will be canceled and all related balances are closed. All the means at our disposal will be returned if the user does not currently located in the stage of a transaction or bid in an auction or www.leanaorders.comon his behalf makes bid or purchase. If the user is currently at the stage of a transaction or bid on auction, or on his behalf makes a bet or purchase, the amount is frozen until the end of the auction or transaction. If the user does not win the auction, the amount returned to him completely. If a user or a user has won or purchased goods to the user, the user receives the goods plus the remaining balance.

Deposit funds

Updating your funds and the associated costs are entirely at your Liability and are not affiliated with and its services. User must notify the seller that the service will be paid through Payment of customs charges, if any lies entirely with the user.


All correspondence with you is done by e-mail. Our regional representatives will answer your e-mail address within 24 hours or sooner.

Transfer of account management

You cannot transfer the management of your account to a stranger. If you suspect, through the user will be temporarily blocked pending clarification of the circumstances.

Termination has the right to unilaterally terminate cooperation with the user without further explanation, but with the return of the deposit amount in the account, if any.

IMPORTANT: You also must know that some sellers collecting sales tax. Therefore, before purchasing goods Users should be aware that in case of payment and pays tax on the purchase, i.e. sum payment may be larger than agreed with the seller. Before you buy make sure whether final sum of payment, which must include the cost of goods + cost of shipping + tax, if charged.